How can tools help?

Caring for the soil & water & biodiversity all together can help us maintain connection to place. By acting as kaitiaki, we express care & respect for nature that is mutually nourishing.

Controlling invasive pests (rats, hedgehogs, possums, wasps…) helps increase native biodiversity. Improved soil health from cultivating & composting benefits invertebrate life like worms & insects, which then benefit birds & reptiles.

Composting reduces waste & can help regenerate soil. Collecting rain water enhances water quality by reducing run-off into waste water systems).

Growing your self-reliance (by not needing to buy compost or fertilisers) builds resilience against  supply chain disruption & inflation (saves $)!

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Carbon sink
A single tree can absorb more than 10 kilograms of CO2 per year. Planting trees is one big way to slow climate change.
Mammal pest control
Invasive pests like rats, hedgehogs, possums and wasps complete with and even predate on many birds, lizards and native insects. Different kinds of traps that we bait and check often can control all of these pests. For example: rates eat birds, seeds, snails, lizards, fruit, weta, eggs, chicks, larvae, fruit, veg and flowers. The varied diet of rats makes them competitors with native wildlife for food sources.
Composting saves a lot of money otherwise spent on rubbish collection, and on buying soil, fertilisers and pesticides.