Ground cover

Why enhance ground cover?

Generating ground cover connects us to place & activity as kaitiaki. Being caretakers of the land is mutually nourishing. Growing certain ground cover plants can support our cultural identity.

Making beneficial habitat for frogs, skinks, invertebrates & birds can be made by piling rocks, old logs & punga, or by digging a small pool of water.

Natural ground cover enhances our wellbeing from its beauty, from the physical activity of maintaining it, & from the emotional benefits of working outside.

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NZ has ~200 species of ferns & 40% are found nowhere else; they are our national symbol. For Māori, many types of fern provided food, & the shape of the fronds stands for strength, stubborn resistance, & enduring power.
NZ has over 70 species of native tussock that are also iconic plants - these provide seeds for birds & shelter for insects & lizards. For southern Māori, tussock provided important insulation from the cold. Watching tussocks wave in the wind is good for our emotional wellbeing!